15 Day Egyptian Adventure

Cairo - Luxor - Aswan - Alexandria




Experience a unique and extraordinary holiday as you journey through Ancient Egypt and marvel at the magnificent architecture. This tour takes guests throughout Egypt from Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Alexandria, as well as Fayoum. 


This 15 day tour will cover all the main ancient and historic areas of Egypt and offers a complete tour package, led by an experienced Egyptologist. 

15 Days Exploring the Highlights of Egypt 

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From $3,400 USD


DAY 1.

DAY 1.

Guest Arrival

Guests are transferred from Cairo airport to their hotel. We will give you the opportunity to rest from your long journey to Egypt, and soak up the local atmosphere.


We will have a welcome dinner for our guests.

DAY 2.

DAY 2.

Memphis, Saqqara & Dashur

We depart the hotel at 8am for Memphis - the former capital of Egypt, where we’ll visit the Memphis Museum. There you will find the colossal reclining statue of Ramses II, and the alabaster sphinx. We then continue on to Saqqara, where you will get to see the Step Pyramid, the Pyramid of Teti, the Serapeum, the Mastabas of Ti and Mereruka, and the recently re-opened Pyramid of Unas!


After lunch we will proceed to Dashur where we will see the Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid.

DAY 3.

Temple 2.png
DAY 3.

Karnak Temple & Luxor Temple

We have an early morning departure from your hotel to Cairo airport, to fly to Luxor in Upper Egypt. Upon arrival in Luxor, we will check into our Nile cruise ship for our 5 night sail down the Nile. Lunch will be served on the cruise ship.


In the afternoon we will visit Karnak Temple complex, where a vast mixture of temples, chapels, pylons, and other ancient buildings still stand. Many famous pharaohs contributed to the this temple overtime. Karnak is the second largest ancient religious temple in the world, spanning across over 100 hectares.


At dusk, we will visit Luxor Temple and marvel at the grand and colossal statues of Ramesses II at the gates of the temple, as well as the giant intact pillars, the remnants of the Alley of the Sphinxes and statues of other great rulers such as Tutankhamun.

Overnight stay in Luxor

DAY 4.

DAY 4.

Hatshepsut's Temple, Valley of the Kings

We begin our day by visiting three famous tombs in the Valley of the Kings, a burial place for a period of nearly 500 years from the 16th to 11th century BC. Here tombs were constructed for the Pharaohs and powerful nobles. The admission ticket allows entry into three of the 63 tombs, but you can purchase an additional ticket for King Tutankhamen’s tomb.



We will also visit Hatshepsut’s Temple, where our guide will tell you about an interesting time in Egyptian history.



Our cruise will depart Luxor for Edfu.

DAY 5.

DAY 5.

Edfu Temple & Kom Ombo

Today we will visit Edfu Temple – the temple dedicated to Horus,  and considered one of the best-preserved temples in Egypt.  

After our visit to Edfu, we will set sail for Kom Ombo. The afternoon will be free for our guests to enjoy the scenic Nile and the amenities on the cruise ship.


We will arrive in Kom Ombo in the afternoon and walk to this beautiful temple along the banks of the Nile. The setting sun makes the temple and its pillars glow in the afternoon sun, making it the best time to visit. We will also visit the Crocodile Museum and see some mummified crocodiles that were found at the temple.


We sail overnight to Aswan

DAY 6.

DAY 6.

Temple of Isis, Unfinished Obelisk and Elephantine Island

Our morning starts with a short trip on a felucca to the temple of Philae located on an island in Lake Nasser. This temple is dedicated to the Goddess Isis, and is a beautiful temple in picturesque surroundings.


We will return to the cruise ship for lunch, then visit the Temple of Kalabsha, a temple dedicated to Mandulis, a lower Nubian Sun God.


Our final stop will be visiting the Aswan quarry where you will find the Unfinished Obelisk. The Aswan quarry was used to quarry red, grey and black granite to construct ancient monuments and statues across Egypt. At this stop you can get up close and see the largest obelisk that was every quarried - albeit unfinished as the obelisk cracked.


Overnight in Aswan.

DAY 7.

DAY 7.

Abu Simbel & Nubian Village

We leave for iconic Abu Simbel at 4am, to join the convoy of tourist buses on the 300km journey south.

Abu Simbel has two temples - for Ramses II and his beautiful wife Nefertari. These two temples were originally carved out of the mountain side during the reign of Pharaoh Ramesses II in the 13th century BC, however, after the construction of the Aswan dam in the 1960s, the monument was moved to its current location. It is a lasting monument to Ramses II and his Queen Nefertari, to commemorate his victory at the Battle of Kadesh.


We will return to Aswan for lunch, before heading to the airport for our afternoon flight back to Cairo.

DAY 8.

DAY 8.

National Museum of Civilization and Cairo Tower

We will have a little bit of a later start to our day, to give you the opportunity to rest after several days of early mornings!


After breakfast, we will visit the National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation. This museum was partially opened in February 2017 and seldom visited by tourists on other tours. It houses over 50,000 artefacts.


After lunch, we will visit Cairo Tower, offering the best panoramic view of Cairo! Located at Gezira Island (Zamalek), which is an affluent area originally inhabited by British colonies.

DAY 9.

DAY 9.

Pyramids of Giza Plateau, Sphinx, and Valley Temple

We have a very early start to the day, as we depart the hotel for the Giza Plateau. We have organised for our guests, special after hours access to watch the sunrise by the pyramids. Our morning will be spent at the famous Giza Plateau, where the last of the seven wonders of the ancient world still stands. Guests will have the opportunity to take some breathtaking photos of the three great pyramids, the Sphinx, and the Valley Temple, whilst our guide explains the history of this ancient and mysterious site. Guests will also have the opportunity to go inside the Great Pyramid, the Pyramid of Menkaure, as well as the Solar boat museum. Entrance to these three areas are at an additional cost.


After lunch we will visit a Papyrus shop where they will demonstrate how papyrus has been made for over 5000 years.


The rest of the afternoon will be free. We have a range of activities available for our guests if they wish to partake. These activities are at an additional cost.

DAY 10.

DAY 10.

The Citadel, Sultan Hussan, Refai Mosques, and the Egyptian Museum

We begin the morning by visiting the Citadel and the mosque of Muhammed Ali. The Citadel sits high above Cairo with a beautiful view of the city below. We will continue to the Sultan Hussan and Refai mosques which are an architectural marvel.


After lunch we will visit the Egyptian Museum, where our guide will walk you through the halls and explain some of the 160,000 objects that are housed there, covering 5,000 years of Egypt’s history.


Guests will have the opportunity to visit the Mummy exhibit at their own cost. Photography within the museum is allowed, though guests will need to purchase their own tickets for photography.

DAY 11.

DAY 11.

Old Cairo, The Coptic Museum, and Khan El Khalili

We begin our day by visiting Old Cairo - which was established in 969 C.E. We’ll visit the Hanging Church, the Coptic Museum - which houses the largest collection of early Christian artefacts; as well as the church of Abu Serga and Amr Mosque.


After lunch we will visit Khan El Khalili Bazaar, an ancient market place with narrow twisting passages lined with tiny shops, where you can witness craftsmen practicing skills that have been passed down the generations.


In the evening we will invite our guests on a felucca ride on the Nile to introduce you to our Egyptian culture, with a traditional dinner with a belly dancer and an Egyptian folk dancer.

DAY 12.

DAY 12.

Day Trip to Alexandria

We depart early in the morning for Alexandria, the city on the Mediterranean coast. The city is very unique to any other in Egypt, having been established by Alexander the Great in 333 BCE.


In Alexandria we will visit the Catacombs, Pompey’s Pillar, the Roman Amphitheatre and the famous Alexandria Library. We will also visit the Alexandria Citadel which sits on the coastline.


We will return to Cairo in the evening, stopping for dinner along the way.

We depart early in the morning for Alexandria, the city on the Mediterranean coast. The city is very unique to any other in Egypt, having been established by Alexander the Great in 333 BCE.


In Alexandria we will visit the Catacombs, Pompey’s Pillar, the Roman Amphitheatre and the famous Alexandria Library. We will also visit the Alexandria Citadel which sits on the coastline.


We will return to Cairo in the evening, stopping for dinner along the way.

DAY 14.

DAY 13.

Fayoum, Wadi Al-Hitan & Meidum Pyramid

Our journey today takes us two hours out of Cairo to the picturesque Fayoum Oasis, the Valley of Whales and Lake Karoun. We will have some time at each of our stops to enjoy the beautiful scenery.


After lunch we will visit the Hawara pyramid and the Meidum pyramid - a unique structure built at the end of the third dynasty. There are also some mud brick mastabas next to the pyramid which we will have the opportunity to visit.

DAY 13.

DAY 14.


Our day will begin with a visit to Tanis; the Thebes of Lower Egypt, the northern capital of Egypt, which was the capital of the 21st and 22nd dynasties.


The city of Tanis is relatively unknown and rarely visited by tourists. This ancient city though was where some of Egypt’s most amazing treasures were found.


We will head back to Cairo for lunch, and the rest of the afternoon will be free for you to pack or rest before your trip home.


We will have a farewell dinner in the evening, to reflect on our journey and bid our guests farewell.

DAY 15.

DAY 15.


As our tour concludes, we bid farewell all our guests and transfer them from the hotel to Cairo International airport for their flights home.


  • Airport transfers

  • Accommodation at your choice of 5 star, 4 star or 3 star hotel

  • 4 night Nile cruise

  • Licensed Egyptologist Tour Guide

  • All transfers to sites by airconditioned coach bus

  • All breakfasts

  • Most lunches and dinners included

  • Main admission tickets

  • Return flights from Cairo to Luxor

  • Private access to the Giza Plateau to watch the sunrise by the pyramids - for groups over 20 persons


  • International flights to Egypt

  • Tourist Visa 

  • Additional admission tickets not included in the main admission price

  • Some meals – as indicated in the itinerary

  • Personal costs

  • Any additional activities that guests may like to do

  • Travel insurance is to be arranged by the guest

Discover the best of Egypt and some of its less known treasures

Tour Dates to Be Determined

From $3400 USD